Post-Masters Degree in IP

Dear Friends: This week Amaia Mauriz launched the new Post-Master Degree program on Integrative Psychotherapy at Deusto University in Bilbao, Spain. We met with 15 new, but mature, students who were all enthusiastic. Amaia and I conducted a two hour relational group meeting with the students and then several faculty members joined in

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With a sad heart.

Dear Friends in Barcelona (and to all of you around the world).

It is with a sad heart that I watched the horrible news from Barcelona. I wept at the cruelty, for the shock and pain that many families will live with for years, and for all the people who are vicariously traumatized by

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I do not have many words because I am shocked; I imagine that although we have lived this before, in other places (for some of you, in your city), this time has caught me closer and I have been more horrified. It scares me and it saddens me to think that some of

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A Request

I have worked with children from the age of 5 to 18 for over 40 years and have developed my own resources and ways of working that enable children to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This supports them in discovering their own narrative, through a therapeutic relationship.

I have also used my resources

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A Grieving Process

Thank you for support to my previous post about a dear friend Eileen, followed so soon after Sandra's loss. This is a poem I've written to describe some of the Process of grief that takes time.

A Grieving Process

When I grieve
There are times when
I fall into a pit of sadness
Where I sit quietly
Giving myself

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