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Vulnerability, Authenticity, And Inter-Subjective Contact: Philosophical Principles Of Integrative Psychotherapy By Richard G. Erskine

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Maša Žvelc

Maša Žvelc, PhD, is an integrative psychotherapist and international integrative psychotherapy trainer and supervisor (IIPA). In 1998 she graduated in psychology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; in 2004 she completed a scientific master’s degree in clinical psychology and in 2017 she completed a scientific doctorate study in psychology. For her doctorate study she was researching helping and hindering factors in psychotherapy supervision.

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Welcome Sally as new CSC Chairperson!

Dear colleagues, dear friends, Autumn is coming, and it is time of welcoming the new course and new period of projects and dreams for many people, and it is true also for the Commission of Standards and Certification in our Association. Since September 2015 until this September 2017, I have had the honour of chairing the CSC. This has been a time of learning, working and over many other things a time of feeling the honour of working in and with a group of people that are great professionals, wonderful

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Post-Masters Degree in IP

Dear Friends: This week Amaia Mauriz launched the new Post-Master Degree program on Integrative Psychotherapy at Deusto University in Bilbao, Spain. We met with 15 new, but mature, students who were all enthusiastic. Amaia and I conducted a two hour relational group meeting with the students and then several faculty members joined in a welcoming and get-a-quainted meeting. I was invited to give the opening lecture entitled "Psychotherapy in Relationship: The Art of Seeing the Other". It was well attended by people from many other departments at the university and

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