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Past, Present or the Future

As psychotherapists we are often working with the present and the past. This article has some important suggestions for working in the future. Enjoy reading it. Warmly, Richard

Pasado, presente y futuro

Como psicoterapeutas a menudo trabajamos con el presente y el pasado. Este artículo tiene importantes sugerencias sobre cómo trabajar en el futuro.

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Marye’s Book


Dear Readers:

I cried several times as I read Marye O'Reilly Knapp's new book entitled Beyond Survival: Breaking the Code of Silence.

This short book is about a her personal journey in therapy to resolve the physiological and mental effects of parental neglect and sexual abuse. I have enjoyed reading this well written book and

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Final Reflections and Many Thanks


Dear Richard, Dear Joshua, Dear Friends,

I think I have already proved myself as a “slightly emotional” being with my moment during the evaluation debriefing on Wednesday evening. I wanted to save this extra piece for an this blog post, in order not to create further drama during the conference 🙂

I have one experience,

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Description of Integrative Psychotherapy



Hi My Dear Friends:

Last week I was teaching at Deusto University in Bilbao and they did a short interview on aspects of Integrative Psychotherapy. Perhaps you would like to see the short video and share it with your colleagues ( ).

I am Istanbul doing a workshop and then on my way to

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I just saw a movie that I would like to recommend you. I have related it to many of the comments you wrote on the blog during the previous weeks, referring to the last elections in the United States and the extremist political movements around the world.

It’s based on a novel by Timur

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Implicit Memory

A poem I wrote a few years ago when implicit memories surfaced - reflecting on my growth since then

My Body is Now Remembering by Chris Redfern

There are life experiences I remember so clearly
I close my eyes and I'm back there in the moment

I can almost reach out my hand
And touch the scene

Hear the

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Deprived for good


I have known for quite a long time a mature woman who is just in a tremendous shock due to a cruel act from her father (who passed away recently): he has disinherited her, as she has found out from a testament written 13 years ago.
I disliked her father, especially for the way

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